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What We Saw
Photographs from the Resettlement Administration and FSA

Curated by Michael Carlebach

Images made for the Resettlement and Farm Security Administrations in the 1930s documented dire environmental conditions in rural America caused by drought, erosion, and crop-killing pests such as grasshoppers, all exacerbated by the collapse of the stock market and economic depression. The result was widespread need and desperation in the American heartland. Photographs by Arthur Rothstein and others provided visual evidence of the extent of the crisis as well as justification for new federal programs to help alleviate the suffering.

Blowers Gallery, Ramsey Library, UNC-Asheville
1 University Heights
Asheville, NC 28804

A Dialog in Photographs

Susan Patrice
Enveloping Landscape
Benjamin Dimmitt
An Unflinching Look

Patrice's images explore a woodland landscape amidst underpinnings of intimacy, alienation and belonging. Dimmitt portrays the destructive effects of an estuary subjected to sea level rise and the removal of fresh water to serve inland development.

DOT Editions at RAMP SOUTH Studio
821 Riverside Dr.
Asheville, NC 28801


Seeing Nature Through a Camera Trap

The Nature Conservancy

Dr. Liz Kalies, Director of Science for the North Carolina Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, will talk about the organization’s use of camera traps on its preserves to track and monitor wildlife in North Carolina. These remote, motion-sensitive cameras reveal habitat use and behaviors of animals. At the Nature Conservancy, these cameras also show the effects of controlled burning and invasive species at our preserves, and help count the number of game species. Dr. Kalies will also talk about how to use these cameras on private property.



In Times of Seismic Sorrows

Center for Craft

When reflecting on the current state of the environment, it seems that we have entered into times of seismic sorrows. Carbon emissions, water pollution, fracking, and changing climate patterns all point to a troubling reality with serious consequences for human and non-human populations. Through weavings, installations, sculpture, and print, artists Rena Detrixhe and Tali Weinberg (Tulsa, OK) explore the complex relationship between humans and the planet, offering insights, expressing grief, and creating space for resilience and change.

Center for Craft
67 Broadway Street
Asheville, NC 28804

August 21, 2018 - January 26, 2019

Documerica: The EPA’s Photographic Campaign, 1971–1977

Curated by Diana Stoll and Eric Baden

In 1971, America’s newly formed Environmental Protection Agency launched Documerica, a program to photographically document subjects of environmental concern throughout the country. Over the following six years, the EPA commissioned some seventy photographers, who traveled from coast to coast and to Hawaii and Alaska, shooting everything from beaches, mountains, and deserts to junkyards, streetscapes, and coal mines; from dense city smog and garbage dumps to tiny futuristic cars, buildings made of recycled beer cans, and other forward-thinking innovations. These images, selected from the database of the U.S. National Archives, form a visual time capsule from an era when America was awakening to the reality of its environmental challenges. 

Asheville Museum of Science (AMOS)
43 Patton Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801

presented by photo+sphere and AMOS
March 16–April 29, 2018