Immersive Visualization: The Cosmos, Earth, and Anthropocene

Venue (TBD)

Curated by Edward Gardiner

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.
—R. Buckminster Fuller, See. Know. Do

As we enter the Anthropocene era, the human capacity for understanding our place in the universe is an essential ingredient for becoming “architects of the future.” Join David McConville and Edward Gardiner for a series of virtual-reality experiences in the Geodome TM Theater exploring our world.

David McConville, PhD, Co-chair of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and renowned visualization entrepreneur, will narrate tours of the known universe, examining how life has evolved. These visualizations provide an opportunity for reflection and set the stage for considering our power in shaping planetary forces.

Edward P. Gardiner, PhD, Engagement Manager for the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit, explores how varying climate conditions create patterns on our planet. As our collective actions shift climate patterns, we are forcing a massive and rapid re-tuning of the biological systems that make life on Earth rich.